Why “vagabonds”?

And why  “only” in Italy?

Vagabondi in Italia - Mariella Moresco & Giordano Fornasier

We have always loved travelling. Particularly in Latin America, where we have taken long and wonderful trips, always on our own, by using public transport and according to our pace and interests. We have seen marvelous places, which we have fallen in love with and were so hard to leave. But every time we came back home, Italy appeared to be more and more beautiful, with many hidden places still to uncover. That was until the moment we decided it was time to devote our time to discover our country – not only to visit it, but also to appreciate the diversity of its beauties: art, culture, history and landscapes. And we have decided to ‘be vagabonds’ around this wonderful country that is our country.

So we are “vagabonds”, that is without a strict plan. We free our mind to go with the flow. We are ready to show you all the positive things our country is full of and that are not so often known and appreciated. We want to travel Italy with you and exchange experiences and ideas with all the “vagabonds” who love Italy and enjoy uncovering it slowly, tasting it as one would do with its perfumes, food and flavours.

Giordano Fornasier is the real ‘pillar’ of any ‘expedition’. He is able to match his enthusiasm with his common sense.

Mariella Moresco has written about culture and travel for many years, both on magazines and online. She also contributed to some travel radio programs. She is the director of www.viaggiinamericalatina.it and contributes to www.dreamingrooms.com, a website about the best accommodation offers in Italy and around the world.

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