The fabulous Terme Euganee

7 October 2015

Is going to thermal baths only for elderly people? You better change your mind.

We went to Abano at the end of September, in the district of Terme Euganee, and we stayed at the Grand Hotel Abano, the only five-star luxury hotel in the area. There are wonderful pools with thermal water at different temperatures along with elegant and spacious treatment, wellness and relax areas.

terme euganee italy

Terme Euganee is the biggest thermal resort in Europe and is located in Abano, Montegrotto, Galzignano, Battaglia and Teolo. It is surrounded by Colli Euganei, a group of calm and relaxing hills, with a rolling shape and covered by forests, vineyards, olive groves and meadows. What could be better for a relaxing holiday?

We got fascinated by the landscape. We are planning to go back there for long walks and bicycle rides along the numerous paths that cover the area. Who knows, maybe you will read about our ‘Euganee adventures’ next spring!

Let’s go back to Terme Euganee and their ‘salt-bromine-iodine-hyperthermal’ water, which springs at a temperature of even 87ºC!
Besides, the water flows for almost 80 km at a high pressure before going out from the ground. This feature gives it a big quantity of mineral salts and geothermal energy. As a result, you get excellent preventive benefits for diseases such as arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis and healing properties for poor blood and lymphatic circulation.

As the Doctor Fornasini, health manager of the Grand Hotel Abano thermal area, told us, it also has beauty benefits.

We jumped at the chance and enjoyed a mud treatment (how could I resist to the promise of an anti-aging treatment for my skin?)



We relaxed in the dim light of the beauty cabin. They spread a mixture of thermal water and mud along with seaweed high in collagen and vitamin A, C and E on our body. They also added some essential oils to tone up the skin (how soft mine was after removing all the mud…).

The treatment ends with a relaxing bath in a basin with hydromassagte in warm water and a face massage.

When we got out of the cabin, we found a snack waiting for us. It consisted in delicious sweets and a wide range of relaxing or energising herbal teas.

What I enjoyed the most was the bath in their gorgeous pool (also with warm thermal water). It has a very elegant indoor area and an outdoor one in the middle of a big garden.

20150918_034948 b


What a treat!

piscina abano


Terme Euganee

You can reach Abano from Padova by taking the train line Padova-Bologna.

If you catch the regional train, you can get there in only 10 minutes. Get off at the station Terme Euganee-Abano-Montegrotto.

In Abano you will find a wide range of accommodation, all of them with its own thermal bath. There aren’t public baths, but some hotels open the doors of their baths to daily visitors as well.
On the Day SpA page of the Terme Euganee website, you will find a list of the hotels which offer this service and the price list.

grand hotel abano

Grand Hotel Abano
Via Valerio Flacco, 1, 35031 Abano Terme PD
tel.049 824 8100

This hotel offers a luxury spa and spacious and comfortable thermal pools with high quality services.




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